* Average weight loss for Clients on the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan® with support is 20 lbs.
Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

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Other than a decade in college, I was always overweight. Two pregnancies later, a busy family and a long commute, left little me time. At a size 16W, my clothes were too tight. Hitting my mid 40s didn't help because metabolism was now working against me. I had carried extra, unhealthy weight for 16 years. My friend and coach, Christian, introduced me to TSFL. As we did my health assessment, I said how many pounds I needed to lose: 50. It was then that I realized how much extra weight my 5?8? frame was carrying around. My goal was to get to my wedding weight, but when I did the math, I realized that I really needed to lose 75 pounds. It was also crucial that I understand why I made unhealthy choices. Shedding the pounds was easy once I started, but understanding how I got there, and changing decades of bad habits, was a much longer journey. I have had a few epiphanies along the way. The first was when I lost six pounds the first week on the program. I then realized that I was consuming many extra calories that did nothing to fuel my body or sustain my hunger. Empty calories were a choice that I could no longer afford to make. Once your mind and body acclimate to making better choices, healthy food tastes wonderful. It makes you realize what you've been missing. When I reached my goal, I told my husband that the pregnancy weight was gone. Several friends heard me speak about my journey and transformation. They all suggested that I become a coach. I demurred for a while until I realized that my story might help someone else. I want others to be as joyous as I am when they choose transform themselves. I want them to feel fantastic about shopping in the 'regular? size section of the store; take joy in getting their clothes tailored down several sizes; running a marathon or doing a yoga pose they never did before now. I want others to experience the pride their family takes when they see the new you.

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